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You Need Will Power and Way Power to Make Things Happen

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Are you one of these people that thinks I can do anything I put my mind to, and all of a sudden, you jump into something just to realize you are not moving forward in the desired direction? Or, you contemplate for a long time before you finally make a decision?

What’s the problem and how can you approach goals in a more strategic and successful way?

I always thought that all we needed was the willpower to make things happen, but I learned that we need a bit more. In addition to strong willpower, we also need way power, seeing a possible way to make a change. When we couple will and way power, we start to build a solid plan with a vision.

So how do you increase your willpower to make a change?

Start by getting clear about what you want. How does change look like for you? Can you see a clear picture of the change and what it can do for you? Taking some time to reflect, by just taking some quiet time, doing a short meditation or visualization can help. As you think about your goal, think about how you will feel when you have reached the goal? Take in the feeling.

After you have a clear picture of your desired goal, answer the below questions to build your confidence:

  1. Thinking back to my past, did I encounter similar situations?

  2. How did I tackle them successfully?

  3. What did I learn that I can apply in this current situation?

Now that you took some time to get clear on your goal, how can you increase your way power to make a change?

Answer the below questions:

  1. What would I need to feel confident about a new direction or a change?

  2. What are my options?

  3. Do I need some specific skills?

  4. What are they?

  5. Where can I get them?

  6. What are some barriers, and what can I do to overcome them?

  7. What can I do if I feel discouraged or if I don’t move as fast as I wish?

  8. Who can I share my goal with that will hold me accountable and support me along the way?

You might be surprised how help might come your way in the form of something you see, read, or hear from someone. What’s impressive is that when we get clear and make a conscious decision about changing, things start to change because our energy has shifted.

Start by reflecting and making a plan. Take small steps with what you learn and adjust as you go. Every step forward is a learning opportunity that helps you get unstuck, increases your confidence, and propels you forward.

Move strategically into the direction of your dreams, have faith in your abilities, and you might be surprised by all you can accomplish.

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