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Meet Your Health and Wellness Coach

Guiding You to the Life You Desire

Ciao, Beautiful! I'm Elisabetta.


​​​​I’m a holistic health and wellness coach, health teacher, wife, and mom dedicated to helping women and teens blossom into their best version so they can live their best lives.

​​​​​Born in Italy and raised in Germany, I fell in love in Rome and followed the love of my life to the States. Thirty years later, and with two amazing daughters, I can still say that following my heart and listening to my inner voice was the best decision I ever made. Now, I call Oregon my home in the States and Sardinia my home in Italy.

​​​​As women, driven by our responsibility to be the perfect girlfriend, wife, nurturer, caregiver, employee, and boss, we put our needs second. Our health, well-being, and personal dreams are pushed to the side. We slowly start losing who we envision ourselves to be and stop listening to our inner voice. That was my journey, and it’s the journey of so many women, especially if they choose to become mothers. 

​My wake-up call came through a class called Transformational Leadership during my MBA. That inner voice telling me to follow my dreams got louder, and I finally took the time to listen. That was the pivoting point for me to use my gifts to impact the world. I set out to get my master’s in health and wellness coaching with a focus on nutrition. My personal journey inspired me to help women find clarity as they transition into their next season of life and help them make themselves a priority. Being a mom at heart and teaching health and wellness at a high school encouraged me to coach teens so they can learn all the tools to embrace their uniqueness, feel confident in who they are, and nurture their physical and mental health.  

Listening to your desires and making health a priority is necessary at any age, and it becomes even more important in our 40s and teen years as the body is going through many changes. Nurturing our body and mind during these stages is imperative as we transition into the next season of life. If we don’t care for ourselves, we won’t have the energy, health, and drive to reach for our personal and professional desires. 

​​​While working with me, you will learn to feed your soul with what you love and what inspires you. I will guide you through implementing healthy habits to be your best physically, mentally, and emotionally. If your imposter syndrome was holding you up from doing what you desired, we will slash that dragon. You will learn to step into the world with authenticity, accept yourself fully, and let go of the comparison trap and the shame from unmet expectations. You will gain the courage to choose relationships that align with your values and build healthy boundaries.

As we work together, you will fall in love with the amazing individual you are and look forward to seeing what life will bring as you enter the next season of life with an open mind and curiosity about new beginnings. 

​If you believe in going to bed with a smile and a full heart and looking forward to celebrating every day, I'm here to be your coach on this beautiful journey.

​On a personal level, besides hanging out with family and friends, I love hiking, traveling, yoga, cooking, kayaking, and my new challenge, rock climbing. 

​Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you shine.


Much love and many blessings!


Credentials to be your Personal Health & Wellness Coach

  • Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)

  • Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching with a focus in nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • Masters of Business Administration with a focus in strategy from Georgina Fox University, Portland, OR

  • Diabetes Prevention Life Style Coach

About Me: About Me
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