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Teen Individual and Group Wellness Coaching

Spirited Warrior offers individual and group health and wellness coaching packages for teens. Please get in touch with me at to see if coaching is the right fit for you. 

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Be You and Shine Bright


Teens are pressured to be great friends, please their parents, do great in school and sports, and worry about the future. Many times by trying to please everyone else, they mold themselves into someone they are not. That leads to internal struggle and loss of identity. Through coaching, teens learn to embrace their uniqueness and awareness of their strengths and values to build confidence, resilience, and courage to stand up for themselves. This leads to building healthy relationships, goals aligned with who they are, and a healthier and positive mindset.

When you come to coaching, we can work on different strategies. You have the option to do one-on-one coaching or join my group coaching program, which will be launched soon. If you are interested in group coaching or an organization that would like to offer group coaching, please email me at, and I will put you on my list. Please check out my teen clients' feedback on how I was able to help them on my Home page.

Coaching is tailored to your personal needs, and below are some things we could focus on in the individual or group program.

Improve Self-Awareness

  • Understand your strengths and how to use them to increase your well-being

  • Learn to celebrate your uniqueness and feel free to express your true self

  • Believe in yourself 

  • Be ok with having weaknesses and learning to deal with them


Decision and Goal Setting

  • Identify your values and make decisions that are in line with your values

  • Identify personal goals and learn the skills to achieve them

  • Learn to overcome challenges

  • Create a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset


Improve Personal Life and Relationships

  • Identify and build healthy relationships 

  • Learn to communicate effectively and find the courage to express your needs with peers, teachers, and parents

  • Courage to set boundaries 


Manage Emotions

  • Learn to identify emotions like anger, anxiety, and fear and how to accept difficult emotions and tools to overcome them



  • Learn how to fuel your body and mind to perform your best physically, and mentally, and stay healthy.



  • Learn about the importance of sleep, sleep patterns, and how to improve sleep hygiene

Physical Exercise

  • Learn the importance of physical exercise for body, mind, and spirit

  • Identify activities your love and energizes you

  • Learn to try new things you might enjoy to push yourself outside of your comfort zone

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“If you are always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.”  

Maya Angelou

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