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A Guide to let go of Limiting Beliefs and Blossom!

Do you ever think about what you believe and how you live your life because of it?

Our beliefs come from our upbringing, traditions, past events, experiences, and environment. They affect how we think about the world, others, and ourselves. It affects what you think you can and can’t do. Our beliefs might have protected us in the past, but they can become like chains unless we start questioning their truth.

Something to remember is that our mind is free, and if we choose, we can let go of those chains that hold us back to reach for what we desire. The question is, are you ready to let go of all these self-limiting beliefs and current circumstances and move forward? You can start new every day and with every breath you take.

Here are some steps to overcome those old self-limiting beliefs and build some positive new ones.

• Write down your self-liming beliefs.

• Investigate them and ask yourself:

• When and how was the belief created?

• Is it true?

• Is there a reason why it exists?

• Imagine you would let go of this limiting belief; how would your life be different?

• Challenge your belief and turn it into a positive one that will serve you well.

• What did you learn by letting go?

• How is this new belief making you feel?

• Can you capture the feeling this new belief brings up in your heart?

• Repeat the new belief until your old one loses its power over you.

Have compassion for yourself as you start to break the chains that have held you captive for a long time. It can feel strange to reawaken and wanting to step outside of what you know. I hope you continue to listen to your inner voice that knows what you want and take the leap. It will lift you and give you the strength to thrive further than you would have ever imagined.

As I'm writing this, my heart rejoices because I can imagine all the possibilities you have if you just dream bigger and take the courage to let you.

May you shine, and may your light become a beacon for others.

If you took the courage to let go of some of your self-limiting believes, I would love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and colleagues!

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