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The Power to Choose

Hello Sweet Friends,

While listening to a podcast, I came across this quote by Viktor Frankl, and it has been on my mind ever since. It’s powerful because it can help us in how we interact with others and how we treat ourselves.

For example, if someone says something that makes you upset or your kids disobey you. If you don’t use that gap to reflect, you might say something you might regret. But, if you stop and maybe even take a breath, you can have a more positive and productive way to approach it.

How is this quote valuable in how we treat ourselves?

Here are a couple of examples.

When you make a mistake, do you say, “Darn, I’m stupid?” or reflect, pause, and come up with a more positive way to talk to yourself. For example, “Yes, I messed, I guess I have to review something again” or “I have to put more time into learning this topic.” Be kind to yourself.

Here is an example to become more mindful when choosing to eat and what to eat.

Any time I decide to reach for food, I can ask myself. Is this really what I need right now? Am I really hungry, or do I need something else? Am I tired, do I feel lonely, etc. If so, can I do something else instead? Call a friend, go for a walk, get some sunshine, or do some stretching to get the blood flowing. Also, how is this specific food going to make me feel? Will it benefit me in the long run, or is it just going to bring up my blood sugar and make me feel tired again a bit later?

I hope this tiny message can benefit you in any part of your life. Also, as I see this happening with my students, please talk to your kids about this.

Much Love and many blessings, Elisabetta

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