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Setting Boundaries With Your Inner Critic

Hello Sweet Friends,

I just finished a meditation about recognizing toxic people in your life. Toxic people don't have to be just mean, but rather the ones who are always skeptical or the devil's advocate to whatever you want to do. Recognizing these people is vital because they can halt whatever wonderful thing we want to do and accomplish. One way to protect yourself is by choosing who you share your dreams and visions with. If you know someone always shuts you down, don't tell them. For some people, that might be their parents or partner. So that's extra problematic and hard. It's vital to have a group in the same field or with a similar mission. That is why one person can't give you everything in life, and we shouldn't expect that.

But, as I did this exercise, I also realized that my inner critic was the most toxic person. If you have one of those, I know how you feel. It can suffocate you and hinder you from moving forward in any aspect of your life. That voice wants to keep us safe and does not like change. It wants you to live within the status quo. Speaking harshly to that inner voice is counterproductive. Instead, coach yourself and give your inner critic a name and tell them that you appreciate that they want to keep you safe, but you will be ok. Be kind! Then, go on and do what your heart tells you to do. If it persists and it's holding you back from doing what you desire, seek help from a therapist or coach so you can get to the root of it, live in more harmony, and thrive.

Much Love,


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