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Personalized Coaching to Thrive

Coaching With Your Specific Needs in Mind


Health and Wellness Coaching

Get the most out of Life

When you come to coaching, we can work on different strategies to optimize your health and life and be more empowered as you transition toward the next season in life.

That can include eating a healthier diet to maintain a healthy weight, lose weight, and feel better. Find exercises that you enjoy and support you to gain more energy and focus and help you do the things you want. Reduce stress, anxiety, and worry and achieve a better work-life balance to feel more balanced, content, and connected to yourself and the people that matter in your life. 

You will learn strategies to increase a positive mindset and improve interpersonal relationships. 

During coaching, you will increase your self-awareness, gain trust by discovering your strengths, get aligned with your values, increase self-motivation, and gain the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to feel more fulfilled and aligned with who you are. The 40s is a great time to refocus and make sure to put yourself first and carve out the next chapter of your life. As a coach, I'm here to support and encourage you to step into the women you envision and thrive. Here is a 12-week sample program if you want to step into a stronger and healthier you. 

Changing habits takes time and commitment, and that is why I suggest a 5 and 12-week coaching program.

Please see the details below.

  • Private coaching in person or over phone/video

  • 90-minute initial discovery session, where we go through your health history, dreams, desires, and what you want to get from coaching

  • Weekly 50-minute coaching session

  • Midweek email checking

  • Available through email to answer any questions between sessions

  • Optional customized weekly meal plan to address any health concerns


Discovery Coaching Session:

  • This is your first session after you decide to partner with me for 5 or 12 weeks of coaching. 

  • In this session, we will discuss what brings you to coaching and your vision for the future.

  • We will review different assessments, discover imbalances by discussing your feedback from the Wellness Wheel, discuss your values and strengths, discuss our working alliance, and start planning a path to reach your goals for improved health and wellness. 


Follow-Up One-on-One Coaching Session:

  • After the initial discovery session, we are ready to start coaching. Depending on where you are in your change process, we can either jump right into setting SMART goals or work on any ambivalence that keeps you from reaching your goals and making healthy habits. During these sessions, we reflect on your learning, wins, or things that might keep you stuck and, if needed, adjust your plan. You are in charge of how these sessions run. I’m your guide, and you are in the driver's seat. This is a time to focus solely on you. 


Please book your free 30-minute coaching session to ensure coaching is the right fit

under the “Booking” tab.


We have one precious life. Make it count!

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