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Mistakes are for Learning and New Opportunities

Did you ever make a mistake or did something that didn’t turn out as you desired, and it keeps on bugging you? I'm not sure about you, but I tend to ruminate even though I know better. The right thing to do is to put a line through whatever it is and don’t waste your time moping around. Take some time to reflect on what you learned and try again. Sometimes we just have to be like little kids learning to walk. They fall, get up, and try again. See this as a new opportunity with some gained wisdom.

Mistakes can paralyze us. Sometimes it can take us in a new direction in life that might not fully align with our values, and we will suffer, and live with regrets for the rest of our life. How many people do you know that messed up in math in school? They thought they didn’t understand math and changed the direction of what they wanted to pursue because of one weak grade. We can’t let mistakes or setbacks hold us back if we want to achieve something.

English is my third language, and a person at work many years ago told me, “How did you make it through your MBA with your writing skills?” Hearing those words hurt, and it caused me immense anxiety to even just send out an email. While attending university, I was determined and did everything possible to produce an A paper. Not sure how many times I would print it out and read it out loud. Yes, I’m a recovering perfectionist.

To this day, writing is my weakness, but I still write because I want to use my words or voice to give others courage and go for what they want. Because sometimes we come across things when we need them. I have friends with dyslexia that are exceptional leaders. And even though they make mistakes when writing or speaking, they don’t let that weakness hold them back. They have taken it upon themselves to learn skills and tools to help them, and thank heavens, they did because they have made an enormous impact in people's life.

Sometimes we need extra help, but darn it, we are not giving up on our pursuit. So get back to what you wanted to achieve. Find a new key in the form of a person, class, tool, or anything to help you open that door to where you want to go. Don’t let little mistakes stand in the way of your greatness.

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