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Bring Out Your Spirited Warrior

As mothers, we need to draw upon our inner warrior spirit to juggle this beautiful journey of motherhood. It is very easy to lose oneself when only giving. As a coach, I’m here to help you develop the determination, courage, focus, clarity, and harmony to pursue your desired goals while being there for the people you love and cherish.


How We Work Together

#1: Assess

Together we assess where you are and where you want to go.

#2: Agree

We collaborate to create a plan to reach your desired goals.

#3: Act

We take the plan and break it into actionable steps, that you can implement stress-free and without procrastination while having an accountability partner on your side to support and guide you along your way.

Life gets busy.

Doing, giving, helping, teaching, showing up, loving, caring.

It’s easy to run on fumes.

But you must remember to fuel your own heart.

Your dreams, your passions, your health, you.

Because you cannot give if you are empty.

You matter too.

 Rachel Marie Martin

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When I started working with Elisabetta, I struggled a lot with forgetting to eat, not drinking enough water, prioritizing & balancing. Elisabetta is very good at breaking down goals to make them easier to achieve. I am now more proficient at these items! My favorite thing about working with her is that she is mindful about mental health diagnosis and loves to learn from her clients. She provides such a warm space and compassion for folks! Her coaching works well in conjuction with mental health therapy as well!


Mekenna, 24 years, Oregon


 Company Purpose

Spirited Warrior was created to help moms navigate motherhood while continuing to blossom into the women they envisioned, so they can live long, healthy, and fulfilled lives.